covid19 - corona virus protection glass installation and suppler CORONAVIRUS PROTECTION

City Window & Glass offers a variety of high clarity plastics barriers and partitions to protect the health and wellness of your employees and your valued customers.  We cut clear plastic sneeze guard barriers to custom fit any type of counter space. Perfect for retail and customer-service counters.

The spread of illness is something all workplaces should want to avoid, both to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, and to ease the minds of customers who visit. By showing everyone that you are invested in protecting the health of those who decide to frequent your location, you are in turn promoting the longevity and health of our business. Our clear plastic sneeze guards protect food in bakeries and grocery stores, create space for retail employees, and safeguard your customers.  Just tell our team about your requirements, and we will help design a solution that helps protect your employees and patrons. We provide free estimates for your Covid19 protection needs.



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For over 50 years we have been setting standards in the commercial/architectural manufacturing and service industry and have become the trusted contractor for local authorities, commercial, industrial, educational and health care establishments

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If hazing, moisture, dirt and or grime are building up in-between your windows that means the window seal has failed and the glass needs to be replaced.

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24 hour serviceIn addition to our fleet service crews that handle larger service and repair jobs, as well as 24 Hour Emergency Service work, City Window & Glass offers an exceptional Walk-In Service and Repair Centre for Residential and Commercial customers at our showroom at
208 Queen St. North, Hamilton (at Barton Street).

Depending on the nature of the job, we’ll be able to get it done while you wait, within a few of hours, or have it ready for you the next day. Read more…

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Is the glass for your wood stove or fireplace broken? No problem! Give us a call or visit our Walk-In Service & Repair Centre.